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Abstract Submission
Nov 15, 2018
Full paper Submission
Nov 20, 2018
Notification of Acceptance
Nov 30, 2018
Deadline for payment
Nov 30, 2018
Abstract Submission

Abstract and Full Paper Templates

The Organizing Committee accepts only files prepared for LaTeX typesetting.


Please DO prepare your abstract using OUR template, which is available for downloading at icag2018TSUabstract.tex, and submit only the .tex file. The final appearance of the abstract should look like this. Please follow the instructions given in the icag2018TSUabstract.tex file, especially in naming your file.

Full Paper:

Your paper to be considered for publication in the international journal the East-West Journal of Mathematics or Southest Asian Journal of Science (in Mathematical Review and Zentralblatt Math), subject to further review, please use this template. The final appearance of the full-text paper should look like this East-West_J_template ICAG.tex

Please note that the registration fee allows publication of one paper up to 10 pages in the conference journals. For more than 10 pages, there exists an extra fee of 300 Baht (10 USD) per page.

Abstract Submission

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